Binding errors after upgrading to 2.4 (release)

after upgrading to 2.4 release build I see errors in the log file:

18-Dec-2018 08:41:44.178 [ERROR] [org.openhab.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller ] - Failed installing ‘openhab-action-mqtt, openhab-binding-mqttitude1, openhab-binding-mqtt1’: Error restarting bundles:
Could not resolve module: org.openhab.binding.zwave [253]
Another singleton bundle selected: osgi.identity; type=“osgi.bundle”; version:Version=“”; osgi.identity=“org.openhab.binding.zwave”; singleton:=“true”

I’ve removed the mqtt from the addons.cfg file before the upgraded,
and installed the new version. same for the zwave binding (I had a snapshot jar in the addons directory).

I’ve cleared the cache and tmp directories before the upgrade and still I see those problems.
Any ideas?

(Running on docker)

Seems like you have the zwave binding jar still in your addon directory?

And the second error: install mqtt1 from the legacy addon repository (enable it first -> forum search). Because mqtt1 got automatically uninstalled while upgrading.

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But I don’t want to use the mqtt binding and my addons directory is empty.
and other 1.x binding still works (expire, http).

I’ve cleared the userdata directory and started all over from the beginning… maybe upgrade not recommended for users with mqtt.

Just enable legacy addons. and reinstall the MQTT1 binding again. It will automatically work again.
you dont need to clear anything

They (“expire”, “http”) will immediately stop working if there is a successor. That is how openHAB at the moment works. If there is a newer version, the old one is uninstalled. That’s why it is your responsibility to read the change logs before updating.

You didn’t understand me…
I don’t understand why does it tried to install mqtt, since I’ve removed all items work mqtt and mqttitude …
I’ve removed them because of the change log…

Ah ok. addons.cfg is usually enough because it takes precedence. Just to be sure, did you check paper UI as well that those were marked as uninstalled?