Binding for ADB set top box NC+


Can anyone explain me how can I use python script to control ADB set top box?

The Exec binding

or executeCommandLine actions

I recommend using the actions, particularly the one that takes a timeout parameter so you can see what gets printed when you execute the command.

val String results = executeCommandLine("python POWER", 5000)
logInfo("ADB", results)

Common things that trip up users of the Exec binding and executeCommandLine is that, assuming that OH was installed via apt-get, OH is running as a separate and non-privlidged user so permission problems tend to be the most common problem. This is why I recommend the actions because you will immediately see these permission problems whereas when using the Exec binding you do not.

Big thanks.

I will try it and give some feedback for others


Did you ever get this script running?


Unfortunately no