Binding for air quality control module - Awair


I just bought an air quality control module from the brand AWAIR, you can find it easily with getawair in google.

I couldn’t find any binding for that, does someone know how I can add it?



I doesn’t seem that they provide a public API for the device
There maybe one though. Just ask them

In the mean time you could use IFTTT

I have asked and they have, also for hobbysts.
See here

Great and how do you integrate this to your Openhab environment?



Using the http binding.

yes, http binding. I cannot test it as I didn’t buy the awair yet. If you test it with the http binding please post your findings :slight_smile:thx

Has anyone integrated this into openHAB? I have one and I want to see it’s data in openHAB. If no one did it I will do. My only main concern is about OAuth - how to use it…

Ps.: I have found some Python scripts online, I’m able to integrate into openHab with these.

Could you post more details on how you did it? I’m also interested in integrating my awair device in openHAB. Thanks.

Yes, I’ll try to post some tutorial here. Basically, it just calls the Python script with exec binding and parse the returned json.

I’m trying to adapt the Foobot binding (which is really close to what’s needed for Awair) into an Awair binding. Wish me luck.

Any progress on this? I am looking for an accurate air quality monitor that can integrate into openhab and grafana. Awair and uhoo could be possible but it seems uhoo may require subscription to access the data

If there is no binding then I could scrape the web dashboard or use api to get the data.

Any advise would be appreciated as I am just doing the initial research before deciding what device to buy. Is Foobot is discontinued?

edit… I created my own solution >>>>