Binding for Bosch CT200 EasyControl zone thermostat

I was looking for a binding for the Bosch EasyControl CT200, which was recently installed in my home.

I have found it has an accessible API, and the how-to to get to it is described here (tested it an it works!)

Unfortunately I do not know yet how to program a binding myself (even though I am an experienced programmer in multiple languages), and I fear that even setting up an openhab development environment will take more time than I currently have available.

Maybe more people run into this, so for now this is not much more than a Feature Request - sorry for that.



(OpenHab3 on Docker/Synology DS718Plus)

What is normally recommended is to set up a bounty on bountysource to try and attract a developer.

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Hi @h.hasenack

Did you get any further with this or know where I can take a look? I have a Bosch Wave controller so trying to see if there is any work going on for a binding.