Binding for google calendar: triggering actions via calendar

I’m a bit confused right now on what the best solution and the best binding would be to use.

UseCase is as follows:

  1. got a (in fact four) google calendars up and running with calendar entries
  2. obenHAB should check the calendars for some action (e.g. heating on/off, …)
  3. within the logic in the rules these entries should then lead to the respective actions

What I’d like to see is a binding which is not only capable of getting start/end, name and description but also copes with:

  • notification times (meaning the action should be triggered at the time of the notification rather than start)
  • recurring events (daily, weekly, tuesdays/thursdays)

With the last two, I had (and have) some issues using CalDAV in another project (CalDAV doesn’t know notifications and has difficulties with recurring events)

So, could you please help me with some suggestions?


does gcal binding work from ootb? I used this until oauth happend…

For notification: just use start to trigger a rule. Recurring events were functional for me with gcal binding.

gcal Binding didn’t work with the settings I used (perhaps the same oauth thing!), but problem is, I don’t want to use start.

e.g. I have several events in google calendar with the respective start-time. But: for one sport training my daughter needs to be driven 20mins. and for the other my son walks just 5mins. This would mean to set the notification in the visu (and the speakers) to start and I don’t want to either add an entry with just “start to walk to saxophon class” or “start driving to dancing class” or point the start of the event on the time of leaving…