Binding for Hyundai Bluelink/Bluelinky to charge electric vehicle with excess solar energy

Hi there, has anyone experience with this already?

For our electric vehicle Hyundai offers the Bluelink API. I would like to use that in openhab to start and stop charging the car based on available excess solar energy generated by solar panels on my roof. I have already gotten my roof’s solar energy production integrated in openhab and have rules defined triggering certain actions. But it does not seem that there is a binding for Hyundai’s Bluelink API.


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Hi franzemann,
I have no experiance regarding Binding development. But i do use the Bluelinky API wrapper to get status updates from my car and post them via the Openhab API to Items. (Currently i do this periodically via a javascript)

You could also trigger a script from Openhab that executes actions. I only tried lock and undlock the doors so far. But you could also create a script that starts and stops charging. Might be not the cleanest solution. But it could work.

If you need any Input let me know.


Hi Manuel, danke für deinen Input. Die Solarpanele auf dem Dach produzieren Strom. Das existierende SolarEdge Binding aktualisiert alle 10min verschiedene items. So kann ich sehen, wie viel Strom gerade produziert wird. Bei bestimmten Item Werten der Solarstrom Leistung soll das Hyundai laden starten und wieder stoppen. Leider habe ich nicht genügend Software Erfahrung, um das selbst zu schreiben. Bisher habe ich es nur hinbekommen, mit den bestehenden Bindings von Solaredge und Philips Hue, eine Regel zu definieren dass die Lampen ausgehen, wenn eine bestimmte Solarleistung erreicht ist. LG Francis

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Kein Thema, Hans-Jörg.

Hello Manuel, thank you for your input. The solar panels on the roof generate electricity. The existing SolarEdge binding updates different items every 10 minutes. So I can see how much energy is currently being produced. With certain item values ​​of solar power output, the Hyundai should start charging and stop again. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough software experience to code this myself. So far I have only managed to create a rule with the existing bindings for Solaredge and Philips Hue so that the lamps go off, when a certain solar output is reached. LG Francis