Binding for Lenercom Inverter

Is there any solution for connecting a Lenercom Residental Inverter (for example: ESS-12kW lenercom lc-e2-1225) to OpenHab somehow?

  • It has no public API, so there is no easy solution
  • There is an app for it (Android and iOS), so can we reverse enginier it? (I would prefere a cloudless solution with local server.)
  • Lenercom RESS User’s Manual 6-15kW mentions a com port, but no description of protocoll in details.
  • The company says: "Our inverter uses the modbus RTU protocol. Communication is possible.
    But this needs to be developed, the protocol needs to be converted or our system is directly connected to the openhab smart home system. These all take time to develop and we need to evaluate whether it is necessary. We would like to develop all these fuctions and open permissions, the only problem is, that requires MOQ 100 sets. I think this solution is not suitable for you. "

Can we put a binding together?

I’m cannot make new bindings but I’m able to modify a binding’s source code for small adjustments and test.

Also looking forward to control the inverter directly, either through OpenHAB or any another way. Judging by the manual they seem to have lots of features “in development”, for example dry contact IO.
@borazslo do you have the WiFi module they apparently use to control the inverter via app? Does it have an Ethernet port? If not, that’s one more reason to reverse the protocol and not let such a critical infrastructure piece be potentially vulnerable to yet another WPA silicon-level bug.