Binding for Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug

I’m looking for a binding for Meross MSS310, a 16A Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitor. Unfortunately there aren’t API, but only apps for Android & iOS.
Has anyone already implemented a binding for these sockets (directly, without passing through IFTTT & MyOpenhab) ?


Did you manage to find a binding for this as i have just bought a MS210

Hi, are there any news?
I also bought the mss310 sockets and I’m looking for a way to see them in OpenHab without passing through IFTTT.
It would be wonderful to be able to use consumption data as a trigger and save them to create charts but I would be more than happy to just switch them on/off :smile:

I’m sorry, no news. In the end I abandoned the MSS310 and bought some smart sockets, compatible with the Tuya standard, and integrated with Openhab.

Hi guys. I was in the same situation. I bought the Meross device and found no API for that. Well, I decided to make one and to make it freely available and open source. It is in Python but it’ll be easy to Port it in any modern programming language.


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Did someone managed to convert the python to openhab java? I tried but I’m lost when reading the python script, I know Java but not python… I’m also a meross owner, ms620 here