Binding for Moehlenhoff Alpha 2 Heating System

Hello everybody,

i need a binding for the Heating System Moehlenhoff Alpha 2. I can read the Setpoint and the acutal Value from the device with a XML File. I hope you can help me ? It´s possible to read this Information with a http binding ?

On this site you can see a solution in FHEM, but I need a Solution for Openhab :wink:

I hope you can help me ?

Thank a lot

Hey Guys,

nobody knows how to make this for noobs like us ?
Have the same issue here and hope for your help.

I guess none of the developers has got one of those heating systems, so the chance to have a suitable binding is very low, unless you start doing it on your own. It is really hard to code a binding without having the hardware at hands.

I’m sorry but i just started with openhab and i’m still fighting the simple problems… As Maddin2017 said its already integrated to FHEM. You can find it here what this guy made . Don’t know if this is useful. I have also read that möhlenhoff is cooperative in giving help to integrate their system in different software solutions. Maybe one of the developers can ask for what he needs? I have the 868Mhz radio version, but there is also a Lan and bus version for the heating system. I think this is pretty interesting.

If someone intruduces me in what i have to do, i’ll help to develop a binding.

I have the LAN version of the Alpha 2.

There is an API based on XML.

Should be doable with the HTTP binding. Möhlenhoff even provides a small tool to create the calls.

However … I will only need it the next winter… so will not start now playing with it.
If somebody creates a real binding would be better of course.

see here for API and Tool:

Hi @shorty707,

The Alpha2 Heating System LAN will be installed in my house within a few months. Did you manage to create a binding for it already?

I am very curious :slight_smile:

I am also planning to install a Alpha 2 with LAN Controller and would be hjappy to hear if anybody got it up and running with openHAB and if it would be great to hear some details.