Binding for Orvibo S20?

Fair enough. Issue raised and you can track progress here.

:+1: Thanks!
If I can find the mentioned details regarding password field in the UDP communication I will post it here…

@Robin_Emde I had a look briefly last night. The password doesn’t seem to work how you think it does. The password doesn’t stop someone from turning your socket on or off. Mostly it stops people changing the device name or the inbuilt scheduling function if you use that.

Oh! :worried: I’m sorry for having caused unnecessary efforts for you. But good to know what it really does, seems I have missed some details about that. Thanks anyway!

For those on OH2 I’ve added experimental (read: there will be bugs and things that don’t work as expected) support for the Allone to the Orvibo binding. You can find jar here and the README here.

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@danielwalters86 is this binding working for B25 sockets or they have another communication protocol?