Binding for Sony Beamers

i want to ask, how to make a request to the development team to create a binding for Sony Beamers. The existing Sony-Binding is for TVs only.

The Sony-Beamers are very popular in the HomeCinema-Scene.

I am a owner of a Sony VW550 and I have the protocol-documentation for the latest beamer-family. Sadly I have no experience in development, but I’m able to test.

Sony VW550ES RS232&LAN.pdf (289.6 KB)

Edit: Maybe this is also helpful:

The sony binding should be for all sony products - currently supports TVs, AVRs and soundbars. Would love to add the projectors to the mix as well. The issue is that I don’t own a sony projector (jvc myself) and although I could code from the protocol - it would simply take too long to debug the inevitable issues that would happen.

However, if there is a programmer that has a sony projector, I’d be happy to work with them to merge the code into the sony binding…


I started working on a projector binding. Power On/Off is working on latest of open hab.
Also opened an Issue for a new binding request.

I already can provide a compiled jar for testing the power function.

Hi Markus,

I’m very interested in testing the binding. Where can I get it?

Super! I have the 760, and I am soo longing for reading/setting lens memory changes!
Is there a prebuilt plugin somewhere to test?

Hi everyone,
Interested as well for this kind of binding, especially interested in switching ON/OFF VPL-HW65ES.
Thank you

Hi Lolodomo,
Do you have any .jar file available to test in Pi?
Would be really appreciated

Yes inside the PR.