Binding handler registration issues

Since the refactoring to the new folder structure I have noticed a degradation in system startup and binding activation. The binding that fails most often is the hue binding so it may be specific to that but I have also noticed that the Harmony Hub binding does not reliably detect the hubs at startup.
The issue seen with the hue binding is that several, sometimes all, lights are not ONLINE. They remain at


During startup there are several messages;

12:57:15.681 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Registering handler for thing ‘hue:0200:XXXXXXXXXXX:10’ takes more than 5000ms.

These messages appear for the hue and harmony hub bindings as well as the FirmwareUpdateService and EventLogger. A reboot sometimes resolves the issue but not always.

My current binding list is hue,zwave,harmonyhub,xbmc,onkyo using mysql persistence with hueemulation for voice control. If there is anything more you need me to do please ask, happy to test / try new things.

Looks like a bug to me, I have entered for it.

Would you have more detailed log files available, best by first setting

log:set DEBUG org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing

on the console? Thanks!

Hi Kai, thanks for responding. I will try and get some more logs tomorrow, I would do it tonight but would be in a world of pain from the other half for fiddling whilst we have guests!

I managed to drastically improve the situation (as in it runs up reliably again) by removing the harmony hub binding which is the only binding I have seen raise these warnings. At the same time I have disabled the Onkyo and xbmc bindings so it “may” be connected to those although I have never seen the warnings generated by them. I see there is quite a large change to the backend database coming tonight so will run an upgrade tomorrow and re-test to confirm if this is linked to the harmony hub binding or a more generic problem.

If the behaviour is exhibited I will get some debug logs.

This issue still occurs, reading the bug report that is not a major surprise, and does seem to be more prevalent when additional bindings, such as the harmony hub binding, are installed.

What is the best way to post a section of the openhab log with debug? Do you want me to post here or on the bug itself.

Check out, a fix is currently under review and it will be available by this weekend in openHAB 2!

Perfect! Thanks Kai (and the team - wish I could code better to help) I will keep an eye out and run some tests once it is committed.

Latest distro should include this change - so please let us know in case you still see this error!

Hi there, I am still getting this error although less frequently now. I have enabled debugging but when I restart all is well so it is definitely a little intermittent. I will leave debugging enabled and if I see it again will update…where is the best place to post a log?

Either here or you post it on (if it is exactly the same issue still, otherwise feel free to create a new issue at