Binding Install Does not finish

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RP 5 4GB
    • OS:
    • Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.0_222
    • openHAB version: 2.5

I am trying to install the Weather Binding in paper and it does not install, was spinning for at least 20 min, any suggestions. When I select say a thing and then goe back to bindings it says it’s installed but does not show as a binding so it looks like it did not install.

After closing when it still says its installing

Binding section (not there)


What do the logs say?
I have found that sometimes the Paper UI still looks like a binding is installing, usually related to the browser cache. I usually monitor the logs when I am installing a binding.

By the way, the weather binding is a v1 binding. There are many v2 bindings for providers such as openweathermap and darksky.

which log (sorry newbie here)

I believe you want to look at event.log located many times in /var/log/openhab2.

@waketech v1 bindings sometimes do not show in PaperUI. You can use the console to check/verify if it’s installed. From console bundle:list to see everything that’s installed.

Use sudo openhab-cli console for console access.

Other useful console commands found here:

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