Binding installation issue in OH3


I have OH3.1.0. (2100) under Windows 10 (20H2)/Chrome, I5-4690T, 8Gb RAM and SSD SATA3 128 Gb; Java runtime Zulu 11.

I use the following physical things/bindings:

  • Zwave dimmers and switchs through Aeotec Z-stick USB Gen5
  • Somfy blinds, awnings and rollersshutters with RTS and IO motors through Somfy Tahoma
  • Tado Termostat and radiator controllers through Tado/Wifi
  • Air conditioning through Melcloud/wifi
  • Other bindings like Astro, Kodi, upnp, etc

I am still some like a beginner, with no previous experience with the exception of OH3.

Some days ago I tried to uninstall Orvibo binding and install Dark Sky binding in main UI but I couldn’t do. I repeated the operation some times with no success. These are the displayed messages during operations:

Unistalling Orvibo binding: “Uninstalling…” (indefinitely)
Installing Dark Sky: “Installing…” (indefinitely)

I have read in a community post that a solution could be switch off the “Access Remote Repository” option in Settings/Add On Management, but I had no success again when installing or unisntalling again.

As I saw in another post, I have also checked the config file “Addons” at C:\OpenHAB310\userdata\config\org\openhab. It contais this:


So according this file, Orvibo has been removed and Dark Sky added…

OH3 keeps working normally with all the things installed and rules created but I can’t change nothing in the add-ons section. Or perhaps there are changes but I can’t view them.

Could somebody give instructions to try to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance