Binding myStrom, Bulb implementation

I am new with openHAB. I want to get to know the system and use it in my private household. I have products from myStrom, also Bulbs.
I saw that you have developed the binding for myStromg. I wanted to ask if you also plan to implement the Bulbs.
If not, I would be interested in doing the further development myself. I am already a Java developer, but I still have to learn a lot about openHAB.
Thanks for a feedback.

open an issue on GitHub for that binding. The developer may not be on this user forum.

@fredo It would be great if you could submit a PR with the implementation for the bulb. I don’t have such a bulb and therefore I don’t intend to implement it in the binding. The implementation should be straightforward based on the implementation of the plug. Thanks a lot for your contribution.