Binding of Minut Point

Hello to all, i’m a novice of OPENHAB and I’ve a question for you all.

I’m looking for use a binding of Minut Point ( with openHAB but I don’t know where to start…can anyone help me???

I don’t know if there’s need of an ad-hoc binding or if I can use other binding for get this informations.

Excuse my english and thx to all.


This one probably could use its own binding. However using the examples in the API doc, you can interact with it using the Exec binding/executeCommandLine action and make your calls to the API using curl, as illustrated on their document.

There is a simple Node.js project, whose “point” CLI command can be used with Exec binding.

However, the current status seems to retrieve data only. That is, the “webhooks” (push notifications from Minut servers to you) and actions (like set Alarm on, Enable glass break detection) are missing.

It would be nice if someone can contribute.