Binding or just using REST API via http for wallbox


I’m using openhab since quite a while but never did any development so far for it but wondering if I should or need to try finally.

In a few days I’ll be getting a Dezony wallbox and I have seen that there is no mentioning of that anywhere on openhab forums or software which is not surprising as they are rather new on the market and not that famous (yet).
I already discussed and looked into their API Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub which looks pretty straightforward.
The question to me more or less is:

Is it worth to look into a real binding or should I just create a Thing based on the http binding using the API?

I found some comments somewhere that a binding might be overkill in case of an existing HTTP REST API but on the other end I see MANY wallbox brands listed on the binding/addon overview.

Any hints?

I think, there is no final answer on this question, but at always a depends…
Did not look into the api you mentioned, but one point I am always interested in is getting values pushed from the device into openHAB rather than polling for updates.
With a HTTP binding approach, only polling would be possible.

In your case, I would try the HTTP Binding first and later on decide, if a decent binding would be more comfortable or bring any benefit.

Thanks for the feedback. From the docs I’m not sure if there is any sort of push. Probably not (yet).