Binding Request: LinkTap

It is a remotely controlled water hose solenoid. They offer an API (see link below). If anyone has time to make a binding for this I would be grateful!

For my use, I just need ON/OFF and status.!/api-for-developers

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Yes please, this would be the best. It’s an excellent home watering/tap control system, with very easily API control, just wish I knew where to even start making a binding :-/

Here is a start :wink:

Installing the Eclipse ide:

(Or see the the page for VSCode if you prefer that)

Git fork this repo:

Use the skeleton script to generate the base:

Look at other binding implementations to get inspired and don’t hesitate (too long) to ask questions and above all have fun!

Ahaha :slight_smile: Thanks mate. I did ask didn’t I …
I’m running 2.4 on a Qnap 559ii Pro NAS, only just.
I’ve fumbled my way to get it installed, hacked together a sitemap, and fumbled my way to get a shell scripts to curl post an xml to my Hikvision NVR to turn on a relay to open my garage door. Integrated it with homekit and google home mini, but creating a binding…well, it just may be a little beyond me.
Guess I’ll have a read and see what happens … in 6 months I might revisit it for the 20th time and crack it :wink: Seems to be the way for me!
Are you sure you didn’t want a API to access my taplink and ‘just whip a binding up’ for us? :wink: :wink:


I’ve setup the IDE accordingly and created a new binding project as per tutorial. How to setup eclipse with Github that I can commit my changes accordingly?

Once I’ve my linkup device available I’d like to discuss how to work on the binding most efficiently.

Best regards

I’ve opened a feature request on the OH2 Git platform:

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had a conversation with LinkTap developer. Wanted to find out if they are using Zigbee protocol. They confirmed they do but unfortunately they are using on top a proprietary protocol so that standard ZigBee won’t work in case you have Telegesis stick or something similar running with OH :pensive:

Setting up bridge and thing handler is more difficult then expected. Just wanted to setup some basic stuff. Create a Bridge/Gateway and a regular Thing. I’m getting the following error and I’m not quite why it is occuring.

What should work is the initialization of things, nothing else. Therefore I’m setting the status to ONLINE in any case just to see the result.

8:25:42.085 [le-processing-2] ERROR o.e.s.c.t.internal.ThingManagerImpl:600 - Exception occurred while calling thing handler factory 'org.openhab.binding.linktap.internal.linktapHandlerFactory@3c71e6b0': Created handler of bridge 'linktap:gateway:957ce062' must implement the BridgeHandler interface.


Hey @becksen, any update on the binding? I have a LinkTap and would be very excited about integrating it with OpenHAB!

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Hi @Marcusfacius,

sorry I’ve to admit I didn’t manage to complete the Binding. Using postman is quite straight forward to use the Linktap API. But transferring it into a Binding was too complex. Failed with Eclipse and linking the Java packages. Have not checked if it is easier in OH3.


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I was also interested and managed to create a working binding. There is some things yet to be done, but I could use some testers and feedback. This is my first work for openhab so any improvements and feedback by some of the veterans would also be appreciated. My Code and Readme can be found here:

I have a working build (For Version 3.1+) that is running on my OH Instance. However I am not sure how to best share the jar file. Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m also interesed in this binding.

Hey, my binding is on pause since LinkTap plans to make the bridges MQTT capable. That would make things easier. Also I can’t properly test the tap during winter, so it will propably take a while.

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Likewise interested in this as I discover openHAB. I have really liked using LinkTap this summer and in to fall to help with growing new grass. It’s winter for me too so I’ll be curious to try/test this as well - when it’s Spring time. :slight_smile:

I recently bought this device and asked to linktap for updated fimware supporting mqtt. They immediately updated my device and right now I’m trying a simple monitoring using a simple MQTT thing (readonly for now). So far so good.


I found that LinkTap has local API available at http://ip_address_of_gateway/api.shtml

Addidtionally I found on github some code which is using this API:

I used postman to check some requests based on those information and it seems to be working.

Is any one skilled enough to try to develop binding basing on this information ?