Binding Request (Paid job!) - Texecom Alarm system

Hi guys,

I have a Texecom alarm system, more specifically a “Premier Elite 88”. Currently, it works fine with my “legacy” home automation system (Gira HomeServer). But I’m gradually moving everything away from GiraHS to OpenHab.

One of the last things that keeps me from throwing out my Gira HS is the integration with my alarm system. With this integration, I am able to:

  • Check the status of all alarm contacts (e.g. window open/closed);
  • Check the status of the alarm (on/off, sabotage, alarm triggered);
  • See who has activated/deactivated the alarm;
  • Simulate all the keys on the keypad of the alarm system (and thus able to turn on/off the alarm);
  • Display whatever is displayed on the keypad of the alarm system;

The hardware connection is made via the serial port of the alarm system that is connected to the internal netwerk of my home, using a Moxa NPort (Serial to UTP).

I would like all of that to happen in OpenHab. Unfortunately, I’m unable to get my hands on the source code of that integration. What I do have is the protocol documentation (had to sign an NDA with Texecom), and code of the plugin that integrates this alarm system with Vera (credits to Alan Carter). I don’t have a Vera solution, so I don’t have experience with this module.

So the question is: how can we translate all this in a working OpenHAB binding? I don’t have the knowledge to build it myself. I can however provide support in testing the solution. I’m willing to compensate the person that is willing to take on this job.


Nobody interested?

Like I said, I’m willing to compensate the person that is willing to take on this job.


Putting something about compensation/reward in the title might attract some more attention. :wink:

There are a lot of topics where people just request something without any reward at all. So such topics get ignored quickly by developers.

I think a dedicated forum section for paid work could also help because within hours/days your post is gone from any first page. Maybe some day Bountysource gets enabled on all openHAB repos.

It also looks like the NDA prohibits writing open source code that the whole world can benefit from? When the binding stays closed source there will some day be an openHAB code change that breaks the binding and block your upgrade path. One of the nice perks of getting your code in the openHAB repository is that you spent less time on fixing upstream code changes. :smile:

Hi Wouter,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve updated the title of the topic. Maybe that could draw some attention. :slight_smile:

Working with BountySource is indeed a good idea.

I’ve seen other home-automation solutions that integrate with the Texecom module where the source code is shared. So I think the NDA is only related to not sharing the documentation itself. I would indeed prefer that the end-result is open-source and accessible to everyone.

Check out Introducing BountySource for funded development!

For people that are interested in an integration with Texecom, read this topic:

Did this topic result in a binding for the Texecom ComIP module? @Dries Did you get the tutorial you posted to work?

It did not result in a binding, but several people are using the solution mentioned in the tutorial I described.

Hi @Dries, did you get it to work, I was not sure if it would work OOTB as my Texecom is in English so the ComIP will send the zone etc info in English. I assume that I would modify the rules and maps etc. Sorry to ask i am a complete newbe to OpenHab.

It should work for an English system as well. Keep in mind that there is no OOTB scenario, regardless of language. You will always need to tweak the rules to some extend.

I see that you are already posting your questions in the how-to topic.