[Binding Request] Revogi Smart Power Strip EU/US

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I was just looking for a nice smart power strip that has an EU plug and I found this one


They have EU and US plug version, which seems nice if you think of possible user base.

Anyone having any experience?
Or expressions about that one?

Manufacturer Website:

EU version: https://www.revogi.com/smart-power/smart-power-strip-eu/#section0
(different) US Version: https://www.revogi.com/smart-power/power-strip/#section6

And a YT Video I found of the EU version:

+1 I’m also looking for EU power strip. But it seems that OH2 dosent support such a devices for EU. We will need to use home made one which will base on ESP8266 for each socket :slight_smile:

I have been talking to the support and they told me that the devices are already available. As you can buy them already - i’ve asked them to provide me with offical reseller if possible.

The more exciting answer is this the following. While they do not officially provide an API, they will soon provide me with some tech documents describing their interface, so we can create a binding for it!
Means they dont block it and openly provide support so we can integrate it to openhab… which is really cool i might say.

As soon I receive more information I will post the documents.
Maybe we can find someone who is willing to provide some support to create a proper binding?
While I know programming, I don’t know well about java or openhab, so support would be appreciated.

As soon as i get some more feedback i will try to get my hands on one of these so i can start checking it out.