Binding Request: Sharp Aquos TV

Has anyone done any work to get the sharp TVs connected via TCP? I came across this thread!msg/openhab/mUxUm34k5fA/m3kMwqrA-0YJ

but I can’t seem to find any sort of sharp binding in Eric’s fork and I don’t think it was ever merged into OpenHAB.

There does seem to be quite a bit of documentation for getting this running.

Creating a binding is beyond my abilities, but I’d be happy to help in anyway if someone else can address this.

Thanks all!

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Eric Thill? I think he authored the original binding.

I was curious about this too, I had pulled his repository down before and I think it had a sharptv branch before. Regardless the commit is still in his repository.

Thanks @gschrader, any idea if it works?

I tried it this morning, was able to get it compiled and through trial and error got it to work. It seems to be different from the other tv bindings so I’m not sure if it would get merged as is.


This is a bit beyond my competence level with openhab. Think you could bring it up to date? Can I help?

I can give you the jar file if you’d like to give it a try.

It would be easier to attach here but it looks like I don’t have permissions to do that. I published it to bintray though

In my item file (from the previous thread):

Switch BsmtTV_Power "TV Power" <power> (Basement) { sharptv = "uid=basement, bindingType=power" }
String BsmtTV_Input "TV Input" <video> (Basement) { sharptv = "uid=basement, bindingType=input" }

and in my sitemap:

Switch item=BsmtTV_Power label="TV Power" mappings=[ON="On", OFF="Off"]
Switch item=BsmtTV_Input label="TV Input" mappings=[1="Input1", 2="Input2"]

Seems to work well! Also tried out muteToggle, inputToggle, and volume. Will need to play with sleepTimer. Think we could get this merged into the main app?

Does already work? How to configuer the addon in openhab.cfg?

works great in openhab 1.8.2. Haven’t moved to 2 yet.

Using it and works great. Its in my collection - My Config Collection - Might help Someone

I also use the orvibo for power on/off since once the tv is off your SOL via TCP lol… :wink:

You need to download and enable the .jar. This is not part of OH1 rather an external addon.

I know this thread is quite old - but does anyone have a sharp aquos binding running on openhab 2?

I need also to use SHARP TV binding with OH2.
Can someone explain how to install these SHRP TV binding on OH2?


Installing it in OH2 is easy - just put it into openhab-folder/addons - and it seems to start up just fine.

But I can’t get it to find its config though. Tried using a openhab-folder/services/sharptv.cfg using the new syntax (removing the “sharptv:” at the beginning of each line) and also tried putting it in openhab-folder/services/openhab.cfg using the old syntax. In both cases it will say “received a command for an unknown UID” when I try to use the items. Looking at the source code, that error message means that it didn’t find any config.

So anybody know how to get those config lines in a place where the binding will find them?

+		if (config == null) {
+			logger.error(BINDING_NAME + " received command for unknown item '"
+					+ itemName + "'");
+			return;
+		}

@Pal Did you ever get a resolution on this?

Hi Pal,

I am still working my way around Openhab2 so please excuse if this is a rather obvious question.

I have installed Openhabian on my Rp3, copied the .jar file to /usr/share/openhab2/addons folder. Do I now run this file through a command or expect to now find it within the addons on my Paperui?

  • I have searched the forums as extensively as I can before asking - can not seem to find an answer on how to run or have this show up as a binding / addon at all.

Thank you kindly for any help

I emailed him the other day. He doesn’t plan to submit the OH1 binding (and even if he wanted to, I think new contributions to OH1 are closed). He also doesn’t plan to submit an OH2 version. He did tell me I could use his code as the starting point for an OH2 binding. So…

I developed a prototype OH2 binding for the Sharp Aquos TV.

The binding auto discovers my TV correctly (model LC-43LE653U), and prepopulates the IP address in the thing config. The uPnP discovery information is quite sparse for my model.

  • I haven’t figured out where to get the port number – not sure that will be possible. Right now it defaults to port 10002, which the the default port for my model TV.
  • It also doesn’t provide a valid serial number. I doubt my TV is serial number 0000001. :open_mouth:

Edit: I replaced the serial number with the UUID returned in the uPnP response. The Thing UID now should be unique.

The IP address, port, username, and password can be edited using PaperUI. If you leave username and password blank, the binding will not attempt to authenticate with the TV. If username and password are not blank, it will authenticate with the TV.

I can send some basic commands (power on/off, volume, volume up/down, channel, channel up/down, input selection.

But, my model is a bit squirrelly. If I set up my TV with no authentication, everything works fine. However, if I set it up with authentication, the TV accepts the commands, but the commands seem to have no effect.

I’m not sure I’m going to convert the prototype into a production binding. I’m worried that many of the models will have peculiarities, similar to what I’m running into with my TV.

If anyone wants to try this out, we might be able to tell how well, or poorly, it works across multiple models. Let me know, and I’ll post the jar. Installation is easy – you just drop it in the addons folder and it should/might auto discover your TV(s).

Here’s a pic of the thing. It’s still a bit rough, but then again, that’s why it’s a prototype. :wink:

I would be interested in trying it out.