Binding Request: Windows print queue status

I current have two printers utilizing print queues on a Windows 2012 server. My old Domotica software could supervise the queues and in turn switch on two Sonoff’s via HTTP commands when new jobs were available in the queues. It also switched the printers off after being idle for awhile. Really great for saving idle-power.

Can anyone else than myself see the benefit in having a binding which supervises a print queue so actions can be defined based on that? (using SNMP is a no-go, as the printers are switched off when not in use).
it could be fun to make such a binding, but I doubt I have the skills, so I has hoping that someone else were keen on the task :slight_smile:

Almost 1 year, and I’m still the only one with this need? :hushed:

was it monitoring the server via snmp?

No. I think it used Windows specific requests towards the printer spooler, in order to detect if jobs were present, and it could even return the number of jobs.
It could be that the directory holding the actual print jobs, somehow could be monitored, but I have no clue of how this could be accomplished.