Binding skeleton

I have watched the youtube video @Kai released. My issue is that I do not know how to access the folder to create the skeleton in the first place.

I am on a Win10 machine, Win+r, cmd…type the ls command, and windows does not recognize the command. How do I go about this?

In Windows, you have to use “dir” instead of “ls”

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Couldn’t he also install Git bash, and do it from that command line?

Edit: The reason I suggested this is that it’s handy to have Git bash installed anyway.

And while we at it: Run the skeleton ending with .cmd (=windows shell script) and not .sh (=linux shell script).

Thank you all…I’ll let you know if I have more issues I can’t work through

BTW - with win10’s linux subsystem - most people can run shell scripts directly. I still find it very jarring seeing that happen but it does work (I’ve accidentally started openhab using instead of start.bat a few times and it works fine - weird!)