Binding sony devices gone in openhab3?

i had a fully configurated remote control for my sony bravia via openhab 2.5.
now i upgraded to openhab 3 and it seems the binding sony devices is completely gone.
And it seems, that this binding is not available for openhab3. do you know how to use it anyway or are there any alternatives to this binding?

I hope, somebody has an answer for me…

My friend Google shows this. Perhaps they will become your friend too.

EDIT It looks like you were referring to an unofficial binding. That means it was never available directly in openHAB so it is not “gone”. Perhaps there is something in this thread ( again, courtesy of Google)

The Audio binding unfortunately does not Support my required functionalities.
But thanks for the hint. Indeed it was a third Party binding. I fogot that… :wink:

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PM me the GitHub link for the source code and I’ll port it to OH3 for you when I get a chance

Thanks for your offer, but there already was a ported version vor OH3. I just did not found that…