Binding Sony PS4 user credentials

Sorry, I’m a newby, I would bind PS4, I dont understand where find user credentials and password.

Hi @rudy.deluca and welcome to the community,

did you read the docs? → Sony PlayStation - Bindings | openHAB

If you want to control your PS4 the first thing you need is your user-credentials, this is a 64 characters HEX string that is easiest obtained by using PS4-waker (opens new window). The result file is called “.ps4-wake.credentials.json” in your home directory.

If not, it might be helpful to give some more background information to your problem and where exactly you get stuck.

Yes i read docs, but in i dont understand if i create file with ps4-waker and relative options or the credential and password are located in PS4.

I read well docs, i didn’t realize i undestood nothing :slight_smile: , I did a ps4-waker search result:

sudo npx ps4-waker search
“type”: “device”,
“statusLine”: “200 Ok”,
“statusCode”: “200”,
“status”: “Ok”,
“host-id”: “F8461CBEC9B6”,
“host-type”: “PS4”,
“host-name”: “PS4-070”,
“host-request-port”: “997”,
“device-discovery-protocol-version”: “00020020”,
“system-version”: “08030001”,
“address”: “”

Until here is ok, i launched ps4-waker result:

No credentials; Use the PS4 Second Screen App and try to connect to “PS4-Waker”
“PS4-Waker” device should now be available…

I have installed in three mobile and a tablet app ps4 second screen, i logged in psn and search , in theory i could see PS4-070 and PS-WAKER but in all device i dont see nothing.

All devices are in the same network, i think the problem is the app, i downloaded it directly from playstore lastest version.
I dont understand how resolve it

Solved: the problem was a old AP Sonicpoint, i substituded it and now is all ok

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