Binding using binding

So I am a big fan of things, i.e its easy to understand that a thing is a physical thing(Netatmo,Miflora etc)

So I would like all my physical things to be a thing, so is it possible to make a new binding(easily for a non programmer…) which uses other bindings/python scripts?

So for MQTT a given topic: /miflora/sensor1/temperature and /miflora/sensor1/humidity refer to the same physical thing, but currently I have programmed it as two items, but it would be nice if this was two channels instead. Is this doable?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is yes if you rewrite the bindings you care about as 2.x version bindings. There was a lot of work going into the MQTT 2.x version binding but that work got stalled for some reason.

For the Python scripts you have the Exec 2.x version binding.

But in the end you will still have the two separate Items.