Binding version confusion (e.g. MQTT - is it 1.12? 1.9? 2.3?)

I appreciate all the work going on to migrate OpenHAB to a more friendly and usable UI.

In the meantime, my first time setting up OpenHAB, and I am so confused. While I’m capable of working through code and github issues, and config files etc, at this stage I do not want to invest that level of learning to ‘have a play’ and see if this is something I want to implement properly at home.

What bought me here, is trying to set up MQTT binding, seeing lots of people talking about 1.9, while my addons page says I have version 1.12, and the MGTT page says the latest is version 2.3. There is a strong implication in the threads talking about version 1.9 that a version ‘2’ MQTT binding will support config via the UI.

There seems to be a version ‘2.3’ (and 2.2) available according to the docs, but I can find it, or how to obtain it, anywhere, so I’m starting to think that 2.3 = 1.9 = 1.12 and doubting my sanity. The last thing I want to do is start editing config files, only to discover aver three days of frustration that I’m using syntax for the wrong version, or something.


You may have found older threads pointing to the openHAB1 version, the last openHAB1 version available was 1.8 stable and 1.9 snapshot. The bindings name was correspondingly 1.8 or 1.9 for the snapshot.

That points to the fact you are using recent openHAB2 version 2.3 stable where all corresponding 1.X bindings (which are all compatible to openHAB2) are called 1.12. It should be fine to use.

Because it is a version 1 binding you cannot configure the parameters via GUI. You need to use a mqtt.cfg file.

Just follow the official docs for setting up your mqtt binding and here is another nice thread if you encounter any problems.
MQTT on openHAB is working great and very reliable. It’s fun to use :grinning:

Have fun.