Binding with OpenHub

We manufacture Raspberry Pi I/O Cards used mainly for Home Automation.
All our cards have Command Line, Python and native Node-RED nodes.
How could we bind with OpenHub? A donation is certainly possible if we could get on the list of supported integrations.

Mihai Beffa
Sequent Microsystems, LLC

Out of the openHAB box: use the openHAB Exec binding and your command line tools.

For a more sophisticated integration you might consider offering a bounty.

It’s not clear whether you are asking for us to build a binding for you or whether you are asking for information on how you can build and submit a binding for OH. In either case, the way to get listed is to build a binding, submit it to the openhab-addons repo and get it merged.

Donations are always appreciated but they are neither required nor sufficient to get listed as an OH integration.

OH is an all volunteer effort. No one directs what any individual chooses to work on. So it’s unlikely someone will spontaneously volunteer to implement this. A bounty might encourage someone to take it on, but without the hardware to test with they probably won’t make it very far.

If you are asking how to build a binding for OH, we have Build System | openHAB which should help to get you started. The fact that it’s command line based though means a wholly separate binding isn’t strictly necessary. The Exec binding and/or executeCommandLine Action would be sufficient for most users who want to control these from openHAB.

However, where a binding would provide value added is if there were a way to get automatic discovery. So as soon as you plug in the hat and install the add-on the inbox gets populated with the Thing(s) representing the sensors and controls available on the board. then they only have to accept the device and go.

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