Binding writing status messages to Karaf

I have just set up the YeeLight binding and noticed that after every command or event, status messages are written to the Karaf console.

Is there a way to turn this messaging off, or is this something in the code of the binding?

Is it as simple as adjusting the logging or will that change information written to the Karaf console?

openhab> ######### this is control command response, don't need to notify status
status = DeviceStatus [isPowerOff=false, r=255, g=0, b=0, color=16711680, bright
ness=100, ct=4000, hue=0, sat=100, isFlowing=false, delayOff=-1, mFlowItems=null
, mode=MODE_COLOR, isMusicOn=false, name=]


Looks like that’s coming from the underlying api in the DeviceStatus object’s toString() method.

You could try adjusting the debug level for the com.yeelight.sdk.device package, but I’m guessing it won’t change anything.

Is that dome through karaf?

Can be. In the console:

log:set DEBUG com.yeelight.sdk.device

Unfortunately - that did not suppress the status messages in the Karaf window.