Binding yeelight bulb color V2

Hi mates,

I tried to add this new thing, but paper ui does not detect the lamp.

I have activated the lan control, I have reset the bulb and installed the correct addon but it still does not detect it.

How could I add it?

Manually asks me the DEVICE ID,

How could I know him?

Thanks for the help

To get the DEVICE ID per the doc’s:

To control Yeelight devices with this binding, you need to connect the device to your local network at first with the Yeelight app. This app is available in the iOS AppStore and on Google Play.

Then you need to activate LAN control mode by enable Developer Mode in device settings, after which it will become discoverable by openHAB.

Hi mate,

I activate the LAN control, but OpenHab dont see the light.

The bulb stay in other subnet, example : The light Openhub server

Could that be the problem?

Try changing the router config to use DCHP and set the IP range to whatever you like. That way all devices will be automagically assigned an address for your network.