Bindings avmfritz and TR 064 only deliver UNDEF

Thanks rossko57 and sorry to bother you again as i still have some open questions

maybe 0 or OFF was not a good example it could be also idle. UNDEF gives the impression something ist not working or defined but in this case it’s just waiting for a call. But fine let’s stop this here.

That’s obvious for me, but infortunately i haven’t found the type “Call” for an item in the documentation even if you can select it for an item type in the UI. My assumtion is that it is a string just with the numbers of the call.

Here i am a bit puzzled because when i read the

in the section State Representation
it says

Note that the label field of an Item's definition in a .items file or the label set on the Item is not used by MainUI.

To customize the state of the Item, the "State Description" metadata must be configured. This metadata lets you define the format and any transformations to apply to the Item's state before it is displayed. When this metadata is defined, it will be used by default everywhere in MainUI.

It says as by default it should be used everywehre in MainUI an therefore i thought that the result of the State Description / pattern should be shown in a page which is not the case.
If i try to add any kind of standard widget to the metadata of an item there is also no option to select the state / display state.
Where in a widget i could select which item state should be displayed (state / displayState)?

I think it was invented specifically for Fritz and is otherwise little-used, certainly poorly documented.

Pretty sure its some kind of List.

No idea, I don’t use MainUI and glean this from others struggles.
Here’s the same trail of tears

Thanks rossko57, looks like at least for the time being i have to live with