Bindings avmfritz and TR 064 only deliver UNDEF

Hello, everyone,

After my research on the net was unsuccessful, I will try my question here. After connecting OH 3.1 to my Fritzbox 6591C, various channels unfortunately only deliver “UNDEF”. Suggested solutions such as mode: “READONLY” or restart did not produce the desired result.
Many users have noticed this problem, but has anyone found an effective solution?
I look forward to every answer.

You should tell us, what your configuration looks like and which channels are not working.

Many thanks for the answer. First of all, these are the things:


UID: avmfritz:fritzbox:123456789
label: FRITZ!Box
thingTypeUID: avmfritz:fritzbox
  syncTimeout: 2000
  password: geheim
  protocol: http
  asyncTimeout: 10000
  port: 80
  pollingInterval: 15
  user: user


UID: tr064:fritzbox:meinebox
label: FritzBox
thingTypeUID: tr064:fritzbox
  phonebookInterval: 600
  password: geheim
    - "5"
    - "2"
    - "5"
  refresh: 60
    - "5"
    - "5"
  user: user
    - "7"
    - "5"


UID: tr064:subdeviceLan:meinebox:uuid_3A75802409_2Dbccb_2D40e7_2D8e6b_2D2C91AB8411A9
label: "LANDevice "
thingTypeUID: tr064:subdeviceLan
  refresh: 60
  uuid: uuid:75802409-bccb-40e7-8e6b-2C91AB8411A9
    - 11:22:33:44:55:AA
    - 11:22:33:44:55:AB
    - 11:22:33:44:55:AC
    - 11:22:33:44:55:AD
bridgeUID: tr064:fritzbox:meinebox


UID: tr064:subdevice:meinebox:uuid_3A75802409_2Dbccb_2D40e7_2D8e69_2D2C91AB8411A9
label: WANConnectionDevice
thingTypeUID: tr064:subdevice
  refresh: 60
  uuid: uuid:75802409-bccb-40e7-8e69-2C91AB8411A9
bridgeUID: tr064:fritzbox:meinebox


UID: tr064:subdevice:meinebox:uuid_3A75802409_2Dbccb_2D40e7_2D8e6a_2D2C91AB8411A9
label: WANDevice
thingTypeUID: tr064:subdevice
  refresh: 60
  uuid: uuid:75802409-bccb-40e7-8e6a-2C91AB8411A9
bridgeUID: tr064:fritzbox:meinebox

The following channels deliver UNDEF: “Active call”, “Outgoing call”, “Incoming call”, maconline “11: 22: 33: 44: 55: AC” and “11: 22: 33: 44: 55: AB”. The last two are the MAC addresses of 2 different cell phones.
I hope that my information is sufficient for now. If further information (e.g. about items) is required, please give me a short info. Many greetings from Recklinghausen!

What kind of Items have you linked these to?

I hope this screenshot helps you further

I would like to take part in solving the problem. What do the experts think, does a setting in the Fritzbox have to be changed or is it due to the formatting of the item or is something wrong with my configuration? Where should I start? And does UNDEF actually stand for undefined?

Yes. Items are born with NULL state. Getting UNDEF indicates that ‘something’ has at least tried to update them, usually a binding. UNDEF often indicates something has gone wrong - a communications problem, or more likely here something like an unexpected or out-of-range value.

Hence my question about types - trying to stuff Call channel into Number type Item would mess up, for example.

Note that UNDEF isn’t necessarily a fault - some device might not support this data Item, or it might not be valid in current circumstances e.g. there is no current call. But I don’t know what to expect from this binding.

That sounds more complicated than I thought. A test call (from the cell phone) showed no change. However, I also saw that in the example of @cweitkamp (Christoph Weitkamp, Maintainer) several “UNDEF” issues were also displayed.
Perhaps there will still be someone with a working configuration that could be adopted.
Question: is it perhaps more expedient to create the whole thing text-based?

I can‘t comment on avmfritz, but for tr064 textual Config is NOT recommended.

Thanks very much

Hi @adm105 ,

Did you enable the call monitor on your FRITZ!Box by dialing #965 on a connected phone?

Otherwise can you create a TRACE log? To enable TRACE logging do the following steps:

  • open the Karaf console: The Console | openHAB
  • set the logging level to TRACE for binding ( log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.avmfritz )
    Logging | openHAB
  • view log with log:tail or log:tail org.openhab.binding.avmfritz

You might want to send it via PM to me to avoid leaking sensitive data.