Bindings for Aurora Lighting

Hello All,

This is my first post, i installed openHAB this week and have been watching lots of YouTube videos on the topic.

I have been looking at options for smart products in the UK and the products from Aurora Lighting look really interesting.

From the web-page it appears that the range can be used with the Aurora AOne Smart Hub, or the Samsung SmartThings Hub… they all use Zigbee…

I am new to openHAB and so im not really sure what the options are for control.

I cant see a specific binding for the AOne Hub in openHAB but it looks like there are options around SmartThings…however as the Aurora devices are Zigbee do i even need the hub…can i use a USB stick and a Zigbee binding and control them directly?

I’m happy to buy some hardware and have a play but don’t want to invest too much in the wrong option if possible!



Yes you can use a USB stick just search the forum as there are several brands to choose from.

You can also use a CC2531 USB coordinator and zigbee2mqtt.

Start with “Getting Started” and the first 5 bullet points are all you need to have it work with OH. I use this for my home and run the CC2531 on a separate Pi that’s located in center of home (it will also work on same server OH is running on). It supports most devices and you can add support for the ones not listed on the link.