Bindings for newly released LIFX Mini?

Hi folks, new to openHab, and new to LIFX bulbs.

I was wondering if anyone has looked at bindings for the newly released LIFX mini bulbs at all? I set up openHAB on the weekend, but the current LIFX addon couldn’t locate the Minis.

Being a total openHAB noob, i was wondering if anyone had looked at dev’ing the bindings for it, or if this was difficult to set up myself?


There is support for discovering the Mini lights in the 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT builds. It was added to the code with this pull request.

I think it should also be possible to use the Minis with the stable release by manually adding them via Paper UI (although I have not tested that since I don’t own Minis):

  1. Open Paper UI
  2. Open Inbox
  3. Click the big (+) button
  4. Choose “LIFX Binding”
  5. Click add “Add Manually”
  6. Choose “LIFX Color Light”
  7. Enter the LIFX device ID
  8. Click the big (:heavy_check_mark:) button

Oh wow, that is awesome! thankyou. I’ll give that a go ad see how it works :smiley:

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Hmm so have tried that and no luck. The bulbs are all showing up as being offline. I wonder what exactly has changed between the lifx mini and the others to change the bindings. etc.

Oh well i will continue looking into the machinations of OpenHAB to figure out how to add them :slight_smile:

I used the Device ID printed on the Mini bulb and it worked for me.

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That’s good news!

The Minis should talk exactly the same protocol as the other lights. The only difference is that they return different Product IDs. Without some updated information openHAB does not know what the capabilities of the Minis are (color, white, infrared, multiple zones) . So in 2.1.0 it will not automatically add discovered Minis to the Inbox. Though you can still manually add them.

If you’re still having problems you could enable debug logging for the LIFX Binding to see what it is up to. That’s done via the Karaf Console.

You can enable debug logging of the LIFX Binding via:

  • log:set debug org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.lifx

Then you can monitor the logging via the log files or:

  • log:tail

When you’re done you press CTRL+C and reset the logging of the LIFX Binding back to info via:

  • log:set info org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.lifx

Continuing the discussion from Bindings for newly released LIFX Mini?:

Hi All,

Just bumping this conversation up, as I am seeing the same issue as @lands. LIFx Mini colour, e27 model in Australia. The bulbs are showing up in the LIFx app, and I can ping them individually. Openhab is just not seeing them at all. I have quite a few of the standard LIFx colour bulbs, and they have given me no trouble as far as Openhab2 is concerned (they don’t like dodgy wifi, but that was a separate problem :slight_smile: )

I have activated the extra logging, and I can see openhab broadcasting the network scan.

018-06-18 19:26:37.140 [DEBUG] [ing.lifx.internal.LifxLightDiscovery] - The LIFX discovery service will use '480ab050' as source identifier
2018-06-18 19:26:37.141 [DEBUG] [.lifx.internal.util.LifxSelectorUtil] - Discovery : Binding the broadcast channel on port 56700
2018-06-18 19:26:51.600 [DEBUG] [g.lifx.internal.util.LifxNetworkUtil] - Updating network information
2018-06-18 19:27:06.617 [DEBUG] [g.lifx.internal.util.LifxNetworkUtil] - Updating network information

No Thing shows up.

I have tried the manual approach - using the divice id (mac address) as printed on the globe, and the statically assigned IP address.

2018-06-18 19:36:05.609 [DEBUG] [inding.lifx.handler.LifxLightHandler] - d0:73:d5:33:9a:53 : Disposing handler
2018-06-18 19:36:05.610 [DEBUG] [inding.lifx.handler.LifxLightHandler] - d0:73:d5:33:9a:53 : Initializing handler
2018-06-18 19:36:05.610 [DEBUG] [ternal.LifxLightCommunicationHandler] - d0:73:d5:33:9a:53 : Starting communication handler
2018-06-18 19:36:05.610 [DEBUG] [ternal.LifxLightCommunicationHandler] - d0:73:d5:33:9a:53 : Using '209c8db0' as source identifier
2018-06-18 19:36:11.963 [DEBUG] [g.lifx.internal.util.LifxNetworkUtil] - Updating network information
2018-06-18 19:36:26.973 [DEBUG] [g.lifx.internal.util.LifxNetworkUtil] - Updating network information
2018-06-18 19:36:37.218 [DEBUG] [ing.lifx.internal.LifxLightDiscovery] - The LIFX discovery service will use '480ab050' as source identifier
2018-06-18 19:36:37.218 [DEBUG] [.lifx.internal.util.LifxSelectorUtil] - Discovery : Binding the broadcast channel on port 56700

Stays offline.

LIFX Binding - binding-lifx - 2.4.0.SNAPSHOT

Did anyone get any further with this?


and just had another look at the mini thing after working on other matters - the manually assigned mini has just shown up live. It just took a long while to register.

It is now responding to PaperUI, so all is good :slight_smile:

I’ve previously had a LIFX Color 1000 that had issues to get properly discovered. To get it discovered I had to power cycle it. After a while these issues no longer occurred when a firmware update was applied to the light. :slight_smile:

Seems there is/was some issues with the Mini as well:

Thanks for that link @wborn. As I have also got a few new GU10 bulbs, currently untried, I am happy to hear that they are being patched!

Yesterday I’ve received a Mini and GU10 as well so I can test how well they perform. I was quite surprised how small the GU10 actually was compared to all the other LIFX lights. :smiley:

I just tried my Mini and so far it seems to be properly discovered with openHAB 2.3.0. :slight_smile::bulb:

Also the App immediately showed there was a firmware update for the Mini. I checked the firmware version before updating which was 3.23. After applying the update it has the 3.40 firmware version.

According to the LIFX firmware updates page the following is new in this firmware:

Update 11 April 2018

Generation 4 LIFX Mini Color, Mini Day and Dusk, Mini White (v3.40)

Improved firmware update & connectivity reliability.
Improved boot time.
Fixed a bug where changing the power state also changed the color temperature when using Apple HomeApp.
Fixed a light power update sync bug for Mini W and Mini Day Dusk, when using Apple HomeApp.
Fix simultaneous brightness and color setting issues when using Apple HomeApp.
Fix LIFX Discovery issue for third-parties still using legacy discovery methods.
Includes patch for Krack vulnerability.

So it looks like the discovery issue was addressed by:

“Fix LIFX Discovery issue for third-parties still using legacy discovery methods”.

I’m relatively new to OpenHAB and also having challenges with LIFX Mini Color bulbs. I can manually add them via DEVICE ID but it does seem to take a long time for them to show up as online. I updated them both to the latest firmware (v3.42) and same thing. I can see them on the network, they grab a DHCP leased IP, I can ping them, but they just continue to show as OFFLINE. Feels like they are a bit qwerky or maybe there is some polling timeout thats REALLY long. Last time they showed up not sure if it was because I hard powered them off/on (unscrewed them and screwed them back in) OR if the wifi AP reset OR possibly tripped over some general configuration change in OpenHAB. Regardless it seems like it can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to show up as ONLINE. LIFX iOS app works fine so they are responsive.