BlackHat/DEFCON Vegas 2017

Not sure if anyone else on these boards will be there, but wanted to put it out there. It’s a popular week/end of events, and DEFCON has a specific IoT village. For those unaware, the villages are like small subsections of the con that focus on a specific topic. Newly minted this year is a voting machine village :astonished:

But if others will be there - would be great to meet some other HAB enthusiasts out there. Discussions of security would likely be top of mind, but great to hear and share war stories of operations ongoing. Feel free to send me a MSG here if you will be there. Or reply in the thread. Maybe if we have enough people we can attempt to meet up at some point with the larger group.

I just published a tweet, maybe we can find some people that go there as well (I’d love to, but it’s a bit far for me…).

Excellent! Thanks @Kai! Totally understandable, bit of a long flight :wink:

Obviously more security focused events, but hey it’s a good thing to understand and learn about how to properly secure these types of systems. Last year I attended a session on MQTT and they showed how control of homes and even higher grade enterprise systems could be taken over and/or controlled through these types of protocols when not securely deployed. And the IoT village which focused on things like the Hue connected systems, and even up to major appliances like the Samsung smart fridges!!