Blank first location card after closed in MainUI iOS

This happens both on iPhone and on iPad:
The locations section cards background images load ok, but when I close the first one, it goes blank:

It only happens with the first card, and it shows ok again after opening another card.
I’ve tried to change the image background, even to the same used by another card, and it is always the same.
Is it a bug?

if you load up your Main UI in safari, does it do the same thing? The IOS client is using an embedded safari webview to contain the UI which is why i ask. If it has the same behavior then it’s a Main UI bug, if not then we might have to debug why there would be a difference when the embedded web view is used.

Yes, it does the same thing. I hadn’t tried it.

Ok, then i would open up an issue at Issues · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub since this seems to be a bug with the UI and possibly Safari.

Here it is:

Fixed in 3.4.2.