Blank screen on Android 14 openHAB version 3.7


I own a Google Pixel 8 Pro with android 14 running on it.
I never had issues in the past with previous phones adn older android versions.
The app works after a fresh installation and when I setup the remote connection but after a while when I open again, it shows me a blank screen like you see in the screenshot.

Does anyone have the same issue or how can I fix this ? Is this probably a bug because I have the new Android 14 and maybe it’s not yet compatible ?

I’ve had that happen to me in the past but not in a long time. But I usually don’t connect to the remote URL.

I just tested it and I’m seeing the same behavior, Pixel 6 Pro running Android 14. Because I’ve seen this before I can’t say if it’s related to Android 14 or not.

There was another thread complaining of a similar problem with the iOS too and what was the problem there got reported and already fixed. Main UI shows blank screen only on iOS 15.x · Issue #2153 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

Maybe try it again with the latest snapshot of OH in a couple of days and see what happens. It could be the same cause.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times, I don’t think its related to an Android version I think something is stuck with trying to display. WiFi works, force kill the app, turn off WiFi verified mobile data is operational, open OpenHAB app…blank page.

What is bizarre is the Android Device Controls buttons still work and can be a way to get around the issue.

The only way I have found to fix it, clear the data/cache (not just cache) and after you put all of the connection information back in; the remote connection is operational once again. Seems like some kind of corruption with the app data, but I lack the skills to track it down to validate that is the root cause.

I have seen this happen the first time I open the app after every time I update my oh to a new version for the last few versions.

However, for me clearing the just the app cache is sufficient to solve the problem.

I removed all the regional settings in my openhabian look at the screenshot below

After that I then also reinstalled the app and set the local and remote connection and now it works.

I do not know why the settings cause the issue but this seems to solve it.