BLE development

Hi guys,

Is there some active development of BLE support for openHAB 3 or interested parties to continue such a development?

There is an outdated binding that looks abandoned and it would probably be a lot of work to get it running again.

I’m wondering if it’s easier to try to update it to current openHAB versions or to start from scratch again with using code from there where possible.


There is some indication the Bluetooth binding does BLE.

Yes, I detected BLE devices with it and setup the rssi channel. But I didn’t find documentation or hints that it supports e.g. binary sensors or other sensors or actors as described at Bluetooth Generic Attributes (except Battery Sensor, but I couldn’t test that).

Perhaps file a GitHub issue referencing the Bluetooth binding? Not all developers are here in the user community forum.

Thanks for your replies @Bruce_Osborne, I created an issue as suggested:
[Bluetooth Binding] Support for generic BLE devices

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