Blockly element to define a time span


I hope somebody can help my by this (hopefully) easy problem.

Which Blockly element would be the right one in OH3 to define a time span (see screenshot)?

Thanks, Adam

There;'s a library for that.

I have already install this library but I don’t understand how I can use for may case. Maybe you could help me. Thank you !

It could look like this with some slight changes.
You dont need the cron trigger because you check in the if statement if it’s after 16:00
and your illuminance should be a non equal because your rule triggers only when the state is 35 or 34.

When Item bewegungsmelder_oben_helligkeit changed
and the value is below 36
and the time is after 16:00
and the time is before 23:00
the command will be sent


Great, I will try your way. Thank you.

Ok it works perfect. Thanks Roland for your support !

Good to hear that, please mark my post as solution. Thanks

Ok, done :slight_smile: