Bluetooth Binding for openHAB

I want to control Bluetooth modules(HC-05) with openHAB. I will plug bluetooth dongle on RPi and I like to send “1” & “0” to module. Can I get some help on how to modify openhab.cfg , items file ?
My aim is to make bluetooth controlled switch using openhab on rpi. Do I require to change anything else ?

The openHAB Bluetooth binding does not support sending data to bluetooth modules. It only senses the presence of BT devices, when you can get it to work at all (I failed to get it to recompile the needed jar files on Ubuntu).

You will have better luck using something like pybluez in a Python script and calling that script using the Exec binding.

Same here.
I used a bash script to do l2ping probes and then curls the result into OH.
Never got the “built-in” bluetooth stack to work properly.

Work is ongoing on OH2 to implement for this…

Ohh I see . Thanks for your response :innocent: .
@chris : how long will it take ? any timeline ?

Hopefully in a few weeks, but let’s see. It will only support Linux for starters (i.e. BlueZ).

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