Bluetooth binding openhab 2.3

hi,i am on openhabian with a rpi3 running latest openhab 2.3.I install Bluetooth Binding (official) and right away i find in my inbox the “Bluetooth Interface openHABianPi” Bluetooth BlueZ Adapter Linux built-in Bluetooth support.I add adapter as a thing and then it discovers my xiaomi Kettle as a Bluetooth Device,A generic Bluetooth device in beacon-mode with only a RSSI channel.I want to see the water temp but no channel is discovered.What am i doing wrong?Adapter and Kettle shows online.

Hi @Constantinos_Contis, have a look here: 3rd Party Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed

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I have the same situation on my Pi. All bluetooth devices have only the RSSI channel (Xiaomi Flower Mate, Xiaomi Candela, …).
How did you solve this issue?

i was using the official bt binding which has the basic rssi discovery only.I ditch that and i am using the 3rd Party Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed and i can see all the channels my kettle has to offer.Its unofficial market binding so read the instructions first.