Bluetooth Bridge for Windows-Based Binding-Development Needed


Two questions to the community. Hope you can help me:

  1. I intend to develop a binding for a bluetooth device. Eventually, the whole setup shall be deployed on a Raspberry Pi, but I plan to develop on a windows system.
    So, it would be convenient to have the IDE running on windows with a working bluetooth bridge.
    From serveral postings I know that there is a support for linux via bluez or bluegiga. But how is the situation with a generic bluetooth dongle on windows (specifically on windows 10)?
    Any ideas?

  2. I am a bit confused. There seem to be two development streams going on which are somehow comepting - at least this is my impression.
    Bindings based on

Thanks for your support,

Hi @frhei, I’ve already answered these questions here: Bluetooth LE Smart - Bluetooth Mesh Integration. Just replace “mesh networking” with “windows generic dongles” :slight_smile:

In short, you are very welcome to help to add support for usb dongles in windows. This could be done vie extending the Bluetooth Manager with a new transport implementation that would work with generic dongles in windows.

Please note, we do have support BT in Windows via BlueGiga transport, although these are not “generic” dongles. Generic dongles are only supported by TinyB transport in linux.


I’ve just updated to 2.4 to get round a problem with TP-Link Smarthome and that’s broken my Bluetooth setup from Vlad (partially solved by installing Serial Binding)
The 2.4 ‘standard’ Bluetooth binding looks for a ‘Bluetooth Bridge’ and, according to the docs BlueGiga should work but doesn’t.
Rather than re-invent the wheel it would be good if someone could weld Vlad’s system (which works on Windows) into the openHAB system (which doesn’t). It’s tantalisingly close.
Those of us on Windows need a separate support group I think - as soon as I see sudo apt-get I panic!


@pmknowles : Did you find a solution? I just try to start with Bluetooth in OH but in contrast to a lot of other bindings NOTHING seems to work in a Windows environment. I also would like to connect my Bluegiga USB stick, but it seems to be unpossible.

I reinstalled the marketplace binding and it works. It doesn’t have all the features that the Linux version has but it does presence detection of my nut tags

3rd party binding should have all features in windows that it has in linux.