Bluetooth item on rssi channel won't update

I created also an issue but maybe someone had already the same issue.
I’m trying to make the Bluetooth standard binding (2.4 stable) working. My bridge is the integrated one in Raspberry Pi3B and the thing is working properly, it is in ONLINE status and if discovery is enabled the inbox shows all the devices discovered. The problem is with ibeacon Bluetooth devices, when I create a new thing (both manually and automatically) its first state is always UNKNOWN until I link it to an item ant that’s already an issue IMO, then goes ONLINE and the item is updated with the rssi value.
The issue is that the value doesn’t change anymore. I tried with 2 devices, first an iPhone SE, but since I’m aware it can be tough I bought a Gigaset G-tag, but the behavior is the same, the rssi values is not updated.
BLE scanner apps on Android smartphone shows the Gigaset G-tag with the rssi values changing.
I’m on openHAB 2.4 stable manual installed, raspian stretch, BlueZ 5.43 and now updated to 5.47.

So, maybe it is an issue just I have :slightly_frowning_face: