Bluetooth Keyfob recommendation to improve presence detection

Morning All,

Looking to purchase keyfob for my car & home key set in order to improve presence detection - currently only tracking down my mobile phone.

Would anyone be able to recommend some affordable key fobs to fulfil the requirement above ?

Many thanks.

I’ve used a mini nut in the past.

Work just fine with the Bluetooth binding and work up to a 10m distance. I used to have one in my car so that it got detected when I arrived in the drive. The problem with it is that it is only 10m distance and sometimes I park on the road so it doesn’t detect it.

I changed to putting it on a key fob but when I put my keys in the drawer it lost signal…so I ditched using them this way.

They work perfectly well if the pitfalls don’t matter to / affect you

To take best advantage of tools like this, use multiple methods and sensors, and some logic.
"I saw the bluetooth dongle, but now its vanished. None of the house doors have been open since I saw it though … I can presume it is still present.

Thanks guys, I probably won’t use Bluetooth option as it won’t give me a much benefit based on the comments above.
@rossko57 thanks for suggestion about logic, I can surely expand on that.