Bluetooth over 2 floors

I purchased these 2 temperature and humidity sensors that work with Bluetooth:
- Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC
- Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD02MMC
I have openHAB on Raspberry which is located on the ground floor, while the 2 sensors are located on the upper floor. The bluetooth connection is very poor and the Raspberry does not detect them. To compensate, I also bought a BLE / WIFI Gateway (ClearGrass CGSPRI), which I installed on the upper floor. From the MiHome app I see everything perfectly.
Is there a way to display the temperature, humidity and battery status values of these 2 thermometers in openHAB?
Thank you

Hi @AntaresTeo,

Not exactly sure how your BLE / WIFI Gateway works, but I would suggest an ESP32 with openMQTTGateway (with supports both the LYWSD03MMC and LYWSD02MMC) installed on it, of which you could even have several around the house, depending or the Bluetooth reception quality. Then all your BLE sensors would report the these gateways, which then send MQTT messages over WiFi to openHAB.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information: interesting openMQTTGateway. Unfortunately, the product I bought cannot be installed.
I don’t have the skills to modify software on an ESP32 card and I don’t even know how to make it work!
Is there an alternative, for example using bluetooth commands or other?
Thank you

I assume your ClearGrass BLE / WIFI Gateway uses some proprietary encrypted protocol over WiFi, which only the MiHome app can read/receive.

As the OpenMQTTGateway project also supplies ready built binaries, as well as the source code, they can easily be installed to an ESP32 with a desktop app

so really no special software modification skills needed there.

Other than the above OpenMQTTGateway suggestion, which I think would be the easiest and would also allow you to overcome your distance issue , there might be other possibilities with reverse engineered tools like

and such, when doing a search on github. But any tool running on your Raspberry would still have the issue with the distance over 2 floors, I suppose :wink:

Thanks a lot! I tried temporarily with the suggested script and it works fine, but as indicated the 2 floors problem is an obstacle. Meanwhile I tried to write to ClearGrass support for information and I await their news.