BMW ConnectedDrive / BMW i3

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I’m currently implementing a Binding for BMW ConnectedDrive in order to bring my i3 into openhab. I did some research and I found these 2 posts.

Both instructions are working quite fine and I started implementig the binding based on the above work. Authorization works fine and I’m receiving data - looks good! After looking deeper into the above solutions I saw different REST APIs were used for ConnectedDrive.

I would say both are delivering the same information. With api/vehicle I receive german text e.g. for the next service, webapi delivers english text.

Does anyone has an advice or knowledge which one to use? Perhaps one is newer and has a brighter future :slight_smile:

Any advice is helpful!

Hi @weymann,

If you‘re going to implement a binding from scratch by yourself, have a look at

It is the best maintained lib I know of right know.

Hi @peter_juenger,

yes, I’ve found this repository too and it looks well maintained. I placed same question yesterday as an issue. I hope I’ll get a response.

I received feedback to my issue at bimmer-connected project. The API to be used is clarified and I’ll take the same API as used in their project. With this approach we are relying on the same concept and also same test data can be used.