Boot failure after power blackout

first of all, thanks a lot for all your contributions to the system. It’s so nice to have an open source home automation system with these capabilities.

To my problem: I’m running openhab 2.4 on a raspberry pi. Not on the SD card, but on a USB stick.
I had a power blackout.
Now when I try to start the raspberry pi I’m getting:
usb 1-1.5_ device descriptor read 64,error -71 a lot of times and the boot then finally fails with:
usb 1-1port5: unable to enumerate USB device.

Does anyone have an idea how I could get it running again, or will I have to reinstall?
Thanks for your help and best regards

I would verify if the USB can still be read from another computer; make sure it is a Linux system as Windows will attempt to format it on you. You can get a live CD/DVD usb option from Ubuntu/mint linux/etc and access it and if you can read to the USB then I suggest you back up your /etc/openhab2 folder and anything else you want from it.

As another idea you could always try the same live CD/DVD usb into the Pi with the current usb drive and verify things that way too (would require a keyboard and HDMI monitor/TV).

A USB drive is still a flash drive meaning that a power loss can result in file corruption. In this situation, a USB drive is no between than an SD card. If a machine loses power while it is writing, not only the file that is being written to ban become corrupted but any file that happens to share that sector on the flash can be corrupted as well.

I think the only way out of this problem will be a fresh install. It works guess that the USB device drivers became corrupted with the power outage.

Thanks for the help and the explanation. I tried to read the USB stick on another linux system but it wasn’t recognized at all, so I went for a fresh install.