/boot folder 100% full. Openhab will not boot

I know I asked my share of weird questions, but here is another one. Not sure if it is Openhab related or purely Raspi, but as it is an openhabian distro I’ll ask anyway
Yesterday I just happened to see that the /boot sector on my openhabian sdcard was 100% full… but openhab was working like usual.
then for unrelated reasons I decided to restart my raspi… and then it would not boot anymore.
No big problem… as I have enough backups.
So I put in various backups… that work… and all of them only have the /boot folder filled 33%

There isnt that much I change after installing Openhabian: I add webmin (that is also on the 33% filled distro’s) and when flagged I do an update of Jessie.

If this means that my SD card is faulty I say "darn, that is the 3rd one in 3-4 months"
oddly I can read part of the card in Windows, but not in Linux (which is ofcourse not good for a linux system card)

Anybody any idea what this could be?

Guessing here(never used an rpi) but isn’t /boot where your Linux images go, such that each new one that comes along and updates grub etc fills that space? From memory apt-get autoremove m may clear old images, else good old rm

Thanks, I agree Ben. The /boot came with the OpenHabian distro :wink:
I would do auto remove or RM… if I could boot my sd card at all :slight_smile:
Anyway, I have backups, but was just wondering what happened. Seems that last week I am continuously going back to backups for seemingly system related issues.

Though till now I always managed to restore with backups… I start to think maybe wise to just start all over… new openhab install, new bindings etc. Not looking forward to it but maybe necessary

could you check the size of your file /boot/first-boot.log?

Tom, Thanks, that is a bit hard as I just have overwritten the sd card with an image I made a few days ago.
That shows some interesting info though:
Where most of my ‘older’ backups show the /boot folder to be 33% taken, few days old backup shows already 53% taken AND… has no /boot/first-boot.log.
In my Other backups that file is present and is 2.61kB (but that is of no relevance I guess).
I can imagine though that a log file will grow if there is an error, but in this case it is not present.
What is present are a couple of files that I do not find on other openhab installs such as

So that is all in the /boot of the disk image from right before it stopped booting.
These seem like old kernels that were not cleared

I get the impression maybe my jessie updates and perhaps also webmin updates somehow didnt really go “nicely”

So i start to get the feeling this is not really Openhabian related

was up and running fast again coz of back ups, but as I seem to have had some odd behaviour of my system lately (as reflected in some of my earlier questions), it might be taking a risc to keep restoring from earlier backups that may contain problems somehow,
So… the best thing I guess I can do is take a note of all bindings and actions and stuff I installed, backup my conf files and make a fresh install of openhabian and then put back my conf files and attach the bindings again.
Some work, but if I have to hkeep restoring for issues that may well be Jessie/raspi related than openhab related it might be worth it