Boot from USB without SD card fails

Hi all,

I have dd’ed the Openhab image on a USB stick.
When I put the stick into a Pi 3b+ WITHOUT an SD card it immediately boots from the stick and Openhabian starts the initial setup and update procedure.

Once this is finished I log in and reboot.

And the stick does NOT boot anymore.

I have to add the SD card and boot from it and then I copy the “cmdline.txt” from the stick-boot into the the SD-boot.

Then the stick boots again.

Why does the stick boot the first time and then - after the setup - it doesn’t boot anymore without SD card?


openHABian is not meant to be used that way, so it’s essentially untested and we won’t bother finding out why. And your question is about an XY problem.
If you want to stay away from SD card wearout, install openHABian to SD first and then use the ‘move to USB’. Or better even the ‘ZRAM’ option.

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