Bosch Door/Window Contact - only the Intrusion Detection System Part is working, I have not bougth

I installed the bosch binding and buyed a window/door contact. Only the intrusion detection part is working ( I thought ordered a Window/Door Contact II but without a intrusion detection system ) and there is no contact channel . Do anybody have the same problem or an idea whats wrong in my configuration ? The Bosch App shows the contact status.

Thanks in advance,


Here my Item config :

Bridge boschshc:shc:192-158-185-200 [ ipAddress="192-158-185-200",  password="mypw" ] {

  Thing window-contact entrance_contact "Eingangstüre"            [ id="hdm:ZigBee:1234" ]
  Thing intrusion-detection-system entrance "Eingangstüre"            [ id="hdm:ZigBee:1234" ]

Hello Chris,
i have the same. I bought a Window/Door Contact II. I use the old (first) Controller.
In the App the Sensor is ok but i cant find the Sensor with a scan and in the openhab.log is no entry for detecting a new Sensor.
is this a problem with the Version II ? Its newer and in the App it says its Zigbee


Have you added the brige already ?

Don’ know- the App shows one ID - but with that ID only the intrusion system is working :-(.

Regards, Chris